2011 Audi RS5 V8 2 door coupe

2011 Audi RS5 V8 2 door coupe

2011 Audi RS5 V8 2 door coupe2011 Audi RS5 V8 2 door coupe

Vehicle Type: 2-door coupe, production car
Price: $---,---
Miles Per Gallon: --/-- mpg
Configuration Front Engine/AWD
Engine: V8
Displacement: 4163 cc
Horsepower: 450 bhp @ 8250 rpm
Torque: 318 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Max RPM: ---- rpm
Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic

Unbridled ability ambuscade in a classically affected coupé: the Audi RS 5 will admission at the Geneva Auto Show. The high-revving 4.2-liter V8 with its 331 kW (450 hp) unleashes able achievement while accomplishing arresting ammunition economy. The seven-speed S tronic and an avant-garde centermost cogwheel in the quattro drivetrain address ability to all four wheels.

Developed by quattro GmbH, the RS models comprise the activating spearhead of Audi‘s archetypal range. The RS 5 is the latest torchbearer in a attitude dating aback over 15 years to the RS 2 Avant: above administration in the mid-size class.

A abutting about of the V10 which admiral the high-performance R8 sports car, the high-revving V8 agent delivers its achievement from a displacement of 4,163 cm3. Like about every Audi gasoline engine, this one additionally operates via absolute ammunition bang accepted by the abridgement FSI. This aforementioned technology has propelled the Audi R8 antagonism car to four triumphs at the archetypal ability chase in Le Mans. The common-rail arrangement generates up to 120 confined of pressure.

Intensive fine-tuning of the dual-branch assimilation and bankrupt arrangement allows the undersquare agent to breathe freely; four adjustable camshafts and tumble flaps in the assimilation assorted facilitate admixture formation. The 4.2 FSI provides arty torque and is appropriate at home alike at aerial revs – about like a chase engine. The agent delivers 331 kW (450 hp) at 8,250 rpm and – amid 4,000 and 6,000 rpm - transmits a best of 430 Nm (317.15 lb-ft) of torque.

The active strength, the ad-lib responsiveness, the blithesome high-revving, and the throaty, aureate music: this V8 produced by duke at Audi stunningly combines the aspect of ability and emotion. The 4.2 FSI propels the coupĂ©’s 1,725 kilograms (3,802.97 pounds) in 4.6 abnormal from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62.14 mph) to an electronically absolute top acceleration of 250 km/h (155.34 mph). Audi can access that to 280 km/h (173.98 mph) aloft request.