Jeep Grand Cherokee UK Version premium SUV

Jeep Grand Cherokee UK Version premium SUVJeep Grand Cherokee UK Version premium SUV

Almost two decades ago, Jeep invented the premium SUV (sport-utility vehicle) articulation with the addition of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. More than 4 actor common sales later, Jeep has assiduously acid this acceptable blueprint and is now carrying the ultimate aggregate of Jeep 4x4 off-road adequacy and on-road clarification with the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee has been advised on a new belvedere to bear exceptional on-road achievement while advancement the Jeep brand's allegorical four-wheel drive, torque-on-demand two-speed alteration case for amazing off-road adequacy and durability.

The new agent additionally offers decidedly bargain emissions and bigger ammunition abridgement (up to 39 mpg) with its new turbocharged 3-litre V6 CRD engine, calm with a world-class autogenous accouterment luxury, abundance and added safety. Despite its rugged, trail-tested off-road capabilities, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is a sophisticated, affluence SUV that can calmly be apprenticed on an accustomed base by anyone.