2011 Mini John Cooper Works Coupe Endurance

2011 Mini John Cooper Works Coupe Endurance

The MINI John Cooper Works resistance Coupé sees usual brand of kart feeling led to a whole new level. The suspension of the hard race grip ensures impressive and gives the driver information constantly and directly on the surface of the road. Select the units allows the suspension damper settings to adapt to the changing track conditions, a feature that will come in particularly useful in the Nordschleife.

The steeply raked windshield of the car's silhouette coupé plan that clearly differentiates the hatch and helps to minimize drag, so the riders are recognized with a smile on the long straights of the circuit.

The John Cooper Works Aerodynamics Package further enhances handling and supreme coupe, the front spoiler, rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing downforce generating, optimizing the balance between front and rear.

The MINI John Cooper Works resistance Coupé achieves an exceptionally high level of security thanks to features like a roll cage welded to the body and sport bucket seats with six-point seat belt and Formula One-style HANS (Head and Neck Support ) system. When it comes to active safety, the car adopts the ABS braking system with proven race MINI Challenge competition and adds a special tune DSC dynamic control system, just optimized for the racetrack. Moreover, for security - and fast pit stops - the MINI John Cooper Works resistance Coupe is equipped with an integrated pneumatic connector.

2011 Mini John Cooper Works Coupe Endurance Technical data
  • Engine: Tuned version of series-produced MINI John Cooper Works engine with adapted engine management. Four-cylinder in-line engine (front/transverse-mounted) with twin-scroll turbocharger and petrol direct injection. Racing exhaust system
  • Displacement: 1,598 cc
  • Power output: Approx. 184 kW / approx. 250 hp
  • Max. torque: Approx. 330 Nm (incl. Overboost)
  • Top speed: > 240 km/h
  • Power transfer: Front-wheel drive, sequential six-speed gearbox with electronic differential lock
  • Suspension: Independent race suspension (KW Suspension) with adjustable compression and rebound, adjustable front strut brace
  • Tyres: Racing tyres (Dunlop) / slicks: 215/45 R17, wets: 205/620 R17, 17-inch racing rims (Borbet)
  • Body: John Cooper Works Aerodynamics Package, adjustable rear wing, rear diffuser acc. to regulations, pneumatic jack
  • Safety: MINI Challenge braking system with Race ABS, race-tuned DSC, welded-in roll cage, six-point safety belt, racing seat (Recaro) with HANS system, main switch concept with electronically controlled fire extinguishing equipment
  • Interior: Racing steering wheel (Sparco), Drive Data Display with shift display
  • Weight: 965 kg
  • Wheelbase: 2,467 mm
  • Tank capacity: 100 litres