2012 Ford Focus Race Car Concept

2012 Ford Focus Race Car Concept2012 Ford Focus Race Car Concept

Ford has already revealed the secret of his intention to promote the new 2012 Focus in motorsports events around the world, but stopped short of showing that race is a specification of its new global compact car may seem so far. Focus Concept Car of 2012, which opens today at the Motor Show 2010 Los Angeles, is designed to take a look at what lies ahead.

Like the street-legal 2012 Focus, the vehiclepreviewed race here is really an international issue. The engineers and racing teams from around the world worked to design a single-vehicle platform that can be easily adapted and prepared to compete in a number of race series, both in North America and Europe.

"This teamwork resulted in a global platform for the race with a body of common approach and a safety cage built to FIA regulations," said Jost Capito, director of Global Performance Vehicles Ford in a prepared statement. "By leveraging our collective experience and technology of Ford worldwide, this approach [allows] to deliver a competitive racing car can be a campaign around the world."

As expected, the concept of race five-door shown in Los Angeles is based largely on providing performance Ford Focus ST 2012 - a starting point, as the ST turbo EcoBoost 2.0-liter I -4 is about the largest engine allowed the FIA ​​Super 2000 touring car category. Ford has not disclosed the output of the race-prepped engine, nor has it revealed what the gearbox is mated to the car, but we can not help but notice the six-speed dual-clutch transmission and Ford - probably an addition the focus range - would be admissible in the Super 2000 events.

Few changes were made to help prepare the approach to the service of race, but the center largely done allows computers to dial in the fit of the chassis to your heart's content. The career focus concept car gets coil-over adjustable shocks at all four corners AST, along with Ford Racing front and rear swaybars adjustable end links. The show car also gets 13-inch two-piece front brake rotors, along with unique 18-inch wheels wrapped in Hoosier racing tires.

Of course, gutted interior is part of the course, but to appease the FIA ​​regulations, cage of a 2000-spec Super roll is installed as a Recaro race seat, a fire extinguishing system and a harness six points supplied by Ford Racing. To appease the team leaders and analysts from around the world, the show car is also equipped with a data recorder and a camera on board.

If those features remain in the race ended Focus to be seen, but we are told the concept of race car is looking pretty close to what Ford intends to campaign throughout the world. The company expects that the approach can make its competition debut in the 2011 British Touring Car Championship, but also compete in events such as the FIA ​​World Touring Cars Championship in Japan, China, Touring Car Championship, and 24 Hours of Nurburgring.