2012 Toyota's New B-MPV Verso-S

2012 Toyota's New B-MPV Verso-S

On sale since February 2011, the new Toyota Verso-S re-entry into the B-MPV market, a segment of the company created with the Yaris Verso in 1999.

The B-MPV segment has nearly tripled in size since 2002. Powered by reducing this growth incorporates an increasingly diverse cross section of customers, many of whom appreciate the interior flexibility and cargo space that offers a multipurpose vehicle.

Supporting this growth are the families of the conventional switching B-segment hatchbacks and, more significantly, Nesters and seniors reductions in C-segment cars For them, a B-MPV is not only a rational buying essential to take advantage of free time, but must also offer the levels of space, comfort, quality equipment and have experienced a higher segment car.

The smallest vehicle in the segment, the new Toyota B-MPV is less than 4 feet long. This makes it easy to drive in urban environments. By contrast, meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of its practical design, flexible interior has maximized the quality of space, comfort and perception of everything.

The Toyota Verso-S offers a range of front seat, rear seat space and luggage capacity to rival that of the C-segment cars Unique in the segment, 60/40 split rear seats have one-touch fold-flat mechanism operable from inside the cargo space. The same cargo space incorporates a lightweight, two-story wooden floor covered with maximum flexibility cargo volume.