Gambar Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2013

Gambar Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2013The Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L and Turbo were launched to abundant acclamation from both consumers and the media in 2011. At the 2012 Chicago Auto Show, VW will bare the third archetypal in the Beetle lineup: the fuel-efficient TDI Clean Agent model, which has architect ammunition abridgement estimates of 39 mpg on the artery and 29 mpg in the city. The Volkswagen Beetle TDI, the alone Clean Agent alms in the bunched auto category, will go on auction in the summer 2012 as a 2013 model.

The better aberration amid the TDI and added Beetle models lies, obviously, beneath the hood. The VW Beetle TDI uses the company's 2.0-liter turbocharged, direct-injection Clean Agent engine that makes 140 application and 236 pound-feet of torque. Volkswagen pioneered the use of turbocharging and absolute bang in agent engines and continues to advance the industry in this technology.

This isn't the aboriginal Beetle to be awash in the U.S. bazaar with a agent engine. From 1998 until 2006, the New Beetle was adapted with a 1.9-liter turbocharged four-cylinder agent engine. Since then, this engine has been heavily revised to board accretion appeal for improvements in bankrupt emissions and acoustics. One of the a lot of axiological improvements was converting the fuel-injection arrangement to a common-rail design, as able-bodied as accretion the accommodation by 72 cc acknowledgment to a 1.5-mm added bore.

The accepted engine appearance a cast-iron butt block and an aluminum-alloy butt head. It aswell utilizes some attenuate architecture elements that accord to constancy and the abridgement of noise, vibration, and harshness. The artificial animate crankshaft, for instance, uses just four counterweights, instead of eight, to abate address amount and babble emissions. The pistons absorb annular channels into which oil is sprayed for cooling the piston-ring zone. A brace of counter-rotating aerialist shafts is anchored beneath the crankshaft in the oil pan.

Dual aerial camshafts are apprenticed via a asperous belt that aswell admiral the coolant pump and the high-pressure fuel-injection pump. The cams themselves are affiliated by agency of activation apparatus that accept an chip backfire adjuster that helps to ensure quiet operation. Each butt has two assimilation and two bankrupt valves.

The TDI engine's assimilation assorted uses accessory valves that are powered by a footfall motor that is in about-face activated by the Engine Control Module (ECM). At abandoned and low engine speeds, the accessory valves are bankrupt in adjustment to could cause top agitate into the agitation chamber, which after-effects in optimal mixture. During approved driving, the accessory valves are adapted continuously according to amount and engine acceleration to ensure optimum air movement; aloft 3000 rpm, the valves accessible absolutely for best bushing of the agitation chamber.

The engine's turbocharger appearance adjustable adviser vanes that advance the best aspect arrangement for low- and accelerated performance. In adjustment to accommodated accepted tailpipe emissions standards in all 50 states, the engine makes use of both high- and airy bankrupt gas recirculation over all engine speeds, as able-bodied as an bankrupt arrangement that has a chapped clarify and no beneath than three catalytic convertors: for oxidation, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and hydrogen sulfide.

The engine is akin to either a six-speed chiral chiral or VW's innovative, dual-clutch DSG six-speed automatic. DSG combines the abundance and ease-of-use of an automatic, with the admiration and abridgement of a manual. The six-speed, transversely-mounted DSG assemblage appearance two wet claws with hydraulic burden regulation. One clamp controls the 'odd' apparatus - first, third, fifth and about-face - while the added operates the even gears. Essentially it is two gearboxes in one.

With DSG, the start-up allows the next-higher accessory to be affianced but abide on standby until it is in fact selected. In added words, if the Beetle is getting apprenticed in third gear, fourth is called but not yet activated. As anon as the ideal about-face point is reached, the clamp on the third-gear ancillary opens, the added clamp closes and fourth accessory engages beneath authentic cyberbanking supervision.

Since the aperture and closing accomplishments of the two claws overlap, a bland gearshift after-effects and the absolute about-face action is completed in beneath than four-hundredths of a second. In accession to its absolutely automated about-face mode, DSG has a Tiptronic® action to admittance chiral accessory selection.