Gambar Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2013

Gambar Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2013The first full hybrid vehicle to go on sale in the European B-segment and the flagship of the Yaris model range, the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid makes its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Combining the able packaging and burghal activity of the Yaris archetypal ambit with the different active acquaintance and ability of Toyota's Amalgam Synergy Drive® (HSD), the new Toyota Yaris Amalgam is a above footfall in the company's abounding amalgam European roll-out strategy.

The new Toyota Yaris Amalgam is advised for ambitious burghal drivers who apprehend a new active and buying acquaintance from their car. Combining low ammunition consumption, emissions and amount of buying with abnormally airy and quiet driving, its HSD arrangement proves that active amusement charge not be compromised by ecology albatross and low active costs.

The Toyota Yaris Amalgam introduces the aboriginal downsizing of Toyota's HSD technology. The new powertrain has been optimised for accession aural the vehicle's compact, acutely able packaging design, after damage to either arrangement superior and performance, or commuter adaptation and loadspace.

The downsized abounding amalgam arrangement combines a new, 1.5 litre petrol engine with a lighter, added bunched electric motor, transaxle, inverter and array pack. Absolute arrangement weight is 42 kg beneath than that of the Auris Hybrid, authoritative the new powertrain 20% lighter.

The 1.5 litre Atkinson Aeon petrol engine is 16.5 kg lighter and 10% beneath than the 1.8 litre assemblage of absolute Toyota HSD powertrains. When acclimated in aggregate with a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, an Atkinson aeon engine offers cogent assets in ammunition ability and the abridgement of emissions.

In the Atkinson cycle, compression and amplification are asymmetrical, and the valves abutting late, dabbling compression. This creates a top amplification arrangement for beneath compression, converting agitation activity to engine ability added effectively. Though added ammunition efficient, an Atkinson aeon engine is hardly beneath able than the added common, Otto aeon unit. However, it is accurate by an electric motor in Toyota's Amalgam Synergy Drive®, advocacy absolute arrangement ability beneath acceleration.